WHO to name COVID variants after Ogham script once they burn through Greek Alphabet

The World Health Organisation have delighted/appalled Celticists all across the World by saying that they’ll use letters from the ancient Ogham orthography for COVID variants once they get through the Greek Alphabet

Dr Butarrais Butarrais Gall-gaidhealaibh said “We thought it would be a bit of craic and save stigma, although the British Media did their damnedest that by calling their COVID the Kent Variant whilst labelling all the rest after the country it came from, no-one would notice it was the UK Variant.”

“Thing is with everyone worldwide shitting the bed in terms of vaccines, we’re already up to Kappa, and so after Omega, we have a contingency plan in place which is to use the Ogham tree letters. We’ll start of with Beith, then Luis, all the way through to the Vowel notches if we have to.”

Professor Tristram O Conchubair of some Celtic department said “I really wish they hadn’t done this, I’m trying to translate a very obscure bit of the Hagiography of St Ronan, where he tries to order a hot chocolate at the Green Welly Stop in Tyndrum, but when he finds out it is cold calls down the power of the trinity and has a bear eat the cashier, and all I’m getting are people asking for tattoo translations in Ogham to say ‘I’m Vaxxed, Live Free, Love Others, Be The Change'”

Vaccine rollout was slow as every blue envelope had to be carved by hand