We review Mainland Black Pudding so you don’t have to

Urgh. We know what you are thinking, it’s a Friday night surely we have something to do other than review these imitation marags they make on the mainland. We don’t.

Lidl – Donald and Son’s Scottish selection

What a depressing start. Aromas of Uig Ferry Terminal when cooked. Take your money and eat it. Don’t buy this.

Best accompanied with:

Broken dreams and early morning drinking.


Morrisons – Made By Us

This black pudding is served in a bin bag. It’s not bad, it’s shite.

Best accompanied with:

Either broken glass or the flu.

1 / 10

Vpud – Vegan Black Pudding

This one is a cruel joke. A vision of a post meat / post joy future. I would say it turns to ash in your mouth but that would be an insult to ash.

Best accompanied with:

Pig or lamb’s blood.

Fuck all / 10

Taynuilt Butchers

Look we aren’t going to lie after that vegan one we briefly lost our way. We journeyed through the wilderness for days, desolate and lost. Like all desperate lost souls we eventually ended up in Taynuilt. They make marag. They make it well. Smooth and mellow but rich…much like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Best accompanied with:

Chilli Jam, redemption

9 / 10 (-1 point for being on the mainland).