Global crisis as value of Vatersay Boys tickets crashes

Along with the values of other crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, the online market in trading Vatersay Boy Tickets dropped by 60% over night.

Even good news surrounding the absence of a post-Brexit hard-border in Ireland, which saw the pound sterling rise against the Euro, couldn’t alleviate the damage done.

Now that there is no bank in Barra, the people of the most southerly islands had pinned their hopes on liquidity on the e-currency trend, with the on-line exchange for the tickets seeing large transactions and high demand.

Famed economist Seumas “Silver Dollar” MacIver said “People have been moving these tickets on-line for upwards of 10000GBP – nobody who wanted to go seems to have got a ticket and everyone who bought one seems to want to sell them. It’s a perfect recipe for a bubble, and that bubble has definitely burst.”

“We call this the Homer Hallowe’en effect, after that time Homer invests in Pumpkin stocks but doesn’t sell them until November 1st.”

Transminch jakey, Domhnall Calum Macinnes, said “I’ve been investing my lifesavings in this and for it all to disappear in a flash is devastating. I had some girl from Stornoway PM me saying she was going to take all 30 but then she pulled out on me. If the banks can get a bail out, surely we should too.  Looks like I’ll be not paying for rounds this time.”

“No change there” said Archie sitting beside him in the Park Bar.