Upskirting threat to World Pipe Band Championships

 Security has been tightened up at the World Pipe Band Championships to prevent inappropriate photographic opportunities at this iconic event.

Pipe Major Raghnall MacDonald (North Uist) has condemned this recent craze which has gone viral from South Korea to South Uist.

“It’s true that we have occasionally taken undercarriage selfies (ladies excluded) while practising on the machair in a stiff Westerly gale, to establish who has the smallest set of pipes in the band.”

“However this sort of behaviour is totally inappropriate for the World Pipe Band Championship and should not be happening after the warm up or the first round of competition”.

“Should these photos be of any interest we post them regularly on our Facebook page and on the ‘What’s on Lochmaddy’ noticeboard.”

“My third cousin Murdo – a proud father of six – frequently sports the smallest pipes in the band but he’s won the challenge Quaich for the third year running. Clearly size isn’t everything.”

“It’s not size of the pipes but how frequently and precisely you blow on them”.