Trump, Hopkins and Ebola virus to team up


Trump headquarters have today announced plans to “make America great again” by pooling efforts with Katie Hopkins and the Ebola Virus.

This announcement comes amidst rumours that Trump’s hair is seeking to detach itself and run as an independent, or become a Guinea pig.

“They will be like the three Musketeers but without speaking Mexican or whatever” said a Trump spokesperson.

Hopkins is said to be delighted with the scheme and is “amazed” that her vitriolic brand of bollocks is making a comeback across the pond.

“Donald is essentially your drunk racist uncle who won big at the pools and has decided to conquer humanity. Our country could learn so much from him” says Hopkins.

The Ebola virus has however sought to distance itself from Trump and Hopkins in order to preserve it’s reputation.

“The potential for Trump to cause a global catastrophe should not be underestimated” said Ebola.

“And Katie Hopkins is a fucking witch.”