Trad musician’s friend finally calls her out for giving tunes as presents

Debbie, the friend of a fiddle player Jenny MacMinn from trad-folk project “The Pinecone Commune” has, after 20 years, asked her to buy her a proper present for her birthday.

Debbie told the Gael “It was quite touching the first birthday with Debbie’s Tune. I actually had a wee cry when she premiered the tune in Farr Village Hall.”

“Since then though over the years I’ve had Debbie’s Hairdryer, Debbie’s Blue Vauxhall, Debbie’s T-shirt Which I Forgot To Hand Back, Debbie’s Farewell to The Garage At 3am With Some Guy From Shawbost, and Debbie’s Teaspoon. All usually accompanied with a banal stage tale regarding the fact the tune is about my teaspoon.”

“She never fully explained the tune Debbie’s Dad but really I don’t want to know.”

“Is it too much to ask for a Spa day, or at least a Nando’s voucher? I bought her a Spotify subscription, I don’t think she appreciated it at all.”