Trad musician who spent all year moaning about Spotify posts their #2020Wrapped list

Trad musician Derry MacLaren has taken a sabbatical from knocking the deletrious effects of streaming services on musicians income to post their top 5 most listened tracks from their Spotify Play Lists.

“Seriously, what can we do about it? I’ve asked that rhetorical question on and off every couple of months all year but secretly gotta say Spotify subscription against paying over the odds via my mate’s bandcamps for something I’ve heard them play 20 times better when they’ve been blazing or chinged up in a session at the Celtic Connections? No brainer.”

“But look at least I’m supporting trad musicians, I have the Elephant Sessions and Lauren MacColl in at 3 and 4 after Drake, Mac Miller and Taylor Swift at 5. I really love Taylor’s writing, she just speaks to me. 4,034 minutes of listening to folklore solid has got me through pretty much every zoom based music festival I’ve had to do in place of live gigs.”

Derry finished wistfully, “At the end of the day, we’re only dust, Capitalism man, it’ll end us all.” They said