Total chancer celebrating a year at Sabhal Mòr not having spoke any Gaelic

Seonag, a Cursa Conaltraidh student at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig this year is looking forward to the annual Ceilidh Mhòr tonight so she can finally avoid having to answer all those awkward “Ciamar a tha thu?s” with “Fine, yourself?”

“It’s a pain in the arse tbh. All these Gaelic police types who actually think that Sabhal Mòr is for speaking Gaelic. Oh man, it does my nut. I’d maybe grunt a couple of words at Gillian Munro if she was in earshot, but that’s about it.”

“Don’t you give me a flickin’ hard time about it and all. I’m fluent already, at least I didn’t do the Cursa Comais and failed to get fluent. Lol. Anyway, I need to go do my make-up on the fourth floor of the tower.”

Whilst starting her pre-drinks for the annual boozeup in the Talla Mhor with a Fanta and Glens Vodka cocktail, Seonag is weighing up whether to do the Cursa TBh next year, but is unsure if she can spend even less effort than she is now trying to speak Gaelic.

“I’ll put on a good show for the interviews to the Beeb, but then I can chill with the Leodhasachs in the canteen and speak the Beurla to my hearts content then.”

“If I’m being honest though, there isn’t anyone to yarn to anyway. The college only has about 5 people on campus. Even the usual suspects who creep around have kept away this year because the craic is poor, guess Beò had better make up for it. Yes a bhalaich!”