Those Final Day Trump Pardons in Full

Dòmhnall Iain Mac an Trumpaich has brought his inglorious four year reign as Comhairliche for Swamp a Tuath a’ Cheò to an end with a list of customary Comhairliche pardons. He decided not to pardon himself as he was advised by the lawyers this might affect his ability to apply for crofting grants in the future

That list in full:

  • Steve Bannan
  • Campervan Drivers
  • Glenn Sannox
  • Effie Deans
  • Roger Mac nan Clachan
  • The road sign that is in English only on the Pentland Road junction
  • Aggressive oldies who shouted at drunk teuchters at all Runrig Concerts 2016-2018
  • Vegan Black Pudding
  • Mrs Brown but not her Boys
  • The Cast and Crew of the Call the Midwife Hebrides Christmas Special
  • Lil’ Wean
  • All those pubwatched in Portree since 2007
  • People who pooped in passing places during the summer of dirty camping 2020
  • The first two unofficial Wolfstone albums
  • The Oban Camanachd Fans at the 2016 Camanachd Cup Final
  • Angry dogs on the Loch Seaforth
  • Archie the Daily Gael Intern

    In a video released to mark his leaving An Taigh Geal for An Taigh Dubh, he claimed that he had had several policy triumphs, including securing a great deal for his cousins on a new shop, being able to colour in between the lines on the new Skye flag (it’s a really difficult design, only a genius could do that), shutting down several schools, appearing at on average 18 photo opportunities a week, and seeing property prices rise to record levels even during the pandemic.

    Anns na faclan aige fhèin “Duine, boireannach, cat, amhainn meanbh-thonn, coimpiutair.”