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It’s all connected! That’s the theme that has been the mantra of Marvel’s MCU, and also Disney’s Pixar, with Easter Eggs and cameos galore to pique the interest of the die-hard fan-boy (and fan-girl!)

But a new fan-theory to beat all fan theories has been started by fans over at the Gaelic Reddit page with user MinnesotaLochlannach_08 sharing their opinion that all Gaelic TV shows and movies occur in the same shared universe.

In his post, which has attracted serious views, MinnesotaLochlannach_08 said “I noticed that it is the same actors in every Gaelic drama or comedy. What if they are all meant to be the same character?”

“For example, why does PC Alasdair Stewart look like Fionnlagh from Bannan? He also appears in Eilbheas as a doctor – is he The Doctor? or another Time-Lord moving through time like he does in Siubhlachan?” Cast-iron evidence for this mindblowing theory we would say!

User Guga4SecondBracaist said “Iain MacRae (or is it Kenny?) is also in there – he appears throughout history as Finlay J’s father in Gruth is Uachdar, he questions Kay Matheson in An Ceasnachadh, he’s in Falach Fead, he fathers Evelyn Coull in Machair, who then went onto Dè a-Nis? It has to all be connected.”

The DigiGael has to say the evidence for all these cross-overs are compelling. The question is does Machair exist in the Bannan universe? If so, why do people not comment on the fact Tormod looks like Ruairidh from Machair? Or that Tormod himself looks like the father of the young Finlay J who has grown up into a quad riding criminal in the Bannan continuity who also appears at various lower-division Scottish football matches?

Inconsistencies in casting don’t help the case though, user MyLittleAdhamhOBronie826 said “How did Young Films get the retcon for the change of actress for Donna so wrong? I was disappointed they didn’t do a joke about her colouring being different like they did on Fresh Prince.”

Returning to the thread, MinnesotaLochlannach08 fired back “LOL – The answer is simple man, alternate timelines – the Kathleen-verse and the Donna-verse diverged at some point obviously – Dude, where’s my season one box-set?”

Fans want answers, but will have to wait until Bannan Season 5 – Infinity War is released next year.  [*Spoilers] Rumours of Derek Pluto’s popular character Iain from Machair being resurrected with alien technology abound in the trailer for a crossover episode die-hard fans have been calling out for.

In other geeky Gaidhealtachd news, somebody has edited all 72 hours of Speaking Our Language scenes into one supercut which lasts 1 hour 28 minutes lipsyncing perfectly with The Lamb Lays Down On Broadway by Genesis. MIND. BLOWN.