‘Tha na Bananas làidir a Mhairi’ claims leading TV exec


A tribe of local bananas

A herd of local bananas

According to a recent interview with a high ranking television executive, “the bananas are làidir a Mhairi.”

The comments have been widely misunderstood and several interpretations of the statement have been made by various leading arseholes.

The most common meaning derived from the statement is, “that the value of bananas has increased so much over the last quarter that they are standing very strongly against the pound and some say, even the Congolese franc!”

Another interpretation is that the most recent delivery of bananas to the Co-op in Portree was so unripe that their skins were impenetrable.

The third possible meaning of the confusing-to-the-point-of-being-foreign-to-someone-who-isn’t-racist-but-still-isn’t-very-comfortable-talking-to-or-about-foreigners-especially-if-they-live-and-work-in-the-same-village, is that the whole statement was misheard and what was actually said was “we’re going to have to employ more people to get through all these chocolate digestives, Barry.”

However, a second TV executive became involved last night claiming that, “the bananas are not làidir a Mhairi! They’re not even idir a little bit làidir!” This statement has caused a media frenzy with many small online magazines writing hilarious and extremely clever articles about it.