Smug girl at work booked Festival Club tickets months ago

As annual culture junket Celtic Connection swings into Glasgow for the month of January, and punters pay three times what they’d pay to see the same act in some village hall, Gaelic media starlet Melinda MacIver has stunned friends and colleagues by buying her tickets for the Festival Club in advance.

“I was just so tired of the carry-on of trying to get in, this has changed my life more than the reiki that I started getting last September.  My New Year Rezzie was to reduce stress in my life, and this has worked a charm.” said Ms MacIver. “Now I can focus on the important job of getting drankkkkk and pouring my red wine over some crusty Friend of Celtic Connections who has tried to shush my bestie Sharon during the whole of the Elephant Sessions set.”

Work colleague Derek MacLennan said, “That Melinda, she is just so bloody smug, strutting around the production offices reminding us every 15 minutes she has tickets for every Friday and Saturday night. Worst thing is, she is usually the absolute worse for being organised, but now its like she is swaggering around like she’s the goddess of planning. She even comments on everybody’s begging statuses saying ‘Sorry my lovely got mine when they went on sale, if I hear of any going spare I’ll PM you xoxox’. I mean she is stone cold that one.”

Derek finished “This is going to be on-line isn’t it? Can you ask for anyone who is reading this to look me up on Facebook if they have any spare tickets. Looking for three for next Friday.”