Severe Gaels sick of being blamed for Storm Damage

Uncompromising yet reserved Gaelic speakers are sick of being accused of smashing windows, cancelling ferries and and blowing livestock every time there is a weather warning.

“I pull no punches and feel no feels but that doesn’t mean I am immune to false accusations” said one severe Gael while looking away and sighing intermittently in a stoic Highland fashion.

“If anything it is the outgoing and friendly Gaels hanging out their washing and trying to get to Mallaig in hurricane conditions that are causing this. I am not one to judge but they are definitely going to hell for that.”

“Severe Gaels don’t cause bad weather, God does as punishment for subtitles on BBC Alba.”

“It’s not us, we just want to keep to ourselves and quietly judge you and your families…in beautiful Gaelic.”