Sea Eagles turn vegan, just makes Crofters hate them more

Recent moves by Sea Eagles in Skye to turn vegan have backfired.

“We genuinely thought we’d try and reach out to the crofting community and peacefully co-exist by turning to a plant-based eco-friendly diet, I for one now only eat pea protein based supplements, but that seems to have only made the local crofters more apopleptic.” said Jim the Sea Eagle who hunts off cliffs near Uig.

A spokesbongly for SNH said “Okay, okay, we acknowledge that hill-farming is like a pick and mix for the Eagles, but they look really nice, and that’s what tourists come to see, not just things with Fairy bunged on the front of it. However, we really thought this would change the conversation. We misunderestimated how much crofters and farmers really really really fucking hate Vegans.”

“Chris Packham! Chris Packham! Chris Packham!” screamed Willie MacInnes, 29 in a rant on his Snapchat whilst huffed up on Red Diesel. “Hope those SOYA BEANS you snowflake eagles are eating don’t have a carbon footprint! Just have a nice steak you freaks.”

Willie then continued his snapstreak with “Right got to go and inadvertently give succour to the rising neo-fascist alright by sharing a meme about buffalo farts.”