Red Deer like, “Oh so now you’re against trophy hunting?”

Red Deer across the Highlands have reacted with incredulity to the news that people are angry about an American shooting a goat on Islay.

“So my takeaway is it’s alright for a bunch of toffs to come up and shoot at me, but the minute some Yank sort decides to start hunting some goats, seriously it’s like the worst thing? Not that we’re pro-hunting because seriously how hard is it to shoot a fucking goat or a tup anyhoo? Head down to that bit near the turn off to Glenelg and you could take your pick. Maybe they could do drive-bys?” said a Fine Ten Pointer

“At least me and the lads get to roam free, the poor grouse are raised to be bagged by posh lads from London on their weekends off. The Royals get Hello and the Daily Mail up taking pics of them filling a whole squadron of pheasants and nobody bats an eyelid. Maybe if Wills puts his next brace on Insta it might get some more traction, but most of the arseholes posting about this on social media will be pretty happy to support the status quo that sees the vast majority of Scotland owned by faceless absentee lairds.” added a Royal Oh

“Bring on land reform. That Andy Wightman talks a lot of sense in his book The Poor Had No Lawyers to be honest.” he said in closing.