Portree man still calling Fat Panda Stevie’s Kitchen

Davie Nicolson, 46, of Sluggans Road has reacted with incredulity at the news that the Isle of Skye’s only Chinese takeaway is to change hands.

Despite the fact that the business was renamed several years ago, Davie has insisted upon always referring to it as Stevie’s Kitchen which was the eponymous name under its previous long serving owner.

“I can’t believe it. I’ve only just got used to calling it the Fat Panda when it’s blatantly always going to be Stevie’s Kitchen, just the same way Lipton’s will always be Lipton’s , the Pier is Harry Dick’s, MacNabs will always be the Royal Public, and the Curry House is Gandhi’s.”

“Not a fan of change. I still refer to the Skye Bridge as the Ferry just to prove a point.”