Europa League “Pointless” after Inverness Qualify

The Europa league has been declared “a meaningless cruel joke” after Inverness Caledonian Thistle qualified for

Jim Murphy Planning Last Stand in Waitrose

Beleaguered Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy has rejected calls to step down in a dignified and

Ceannard ùr do dh’UKIP?

Uill dh’fhalbh Nigel ach saoil cò a chuireas na “fruitcakes, loonies is closet racists” na àite: Douglas Carswell:

Windfarm Summons Dread Lord Cthulhu

Concern is growing in the North Perthshire after a community windfarm  summoned Cthulhu lord of Death

Ceannard ùr don Phàrtaidh Làbarach?

Seo ar beachd air cò a bhios as cionn nan Làbarach às dèidh do dh’Ed Miliband

Nigel Farage Ascends to Twathood

Nigel Farage has transcended the mortal realm after resigning his leadership of the United Kingdom Independance

Seòrsa Buidhe ùr aig Muinntir na Gàidhealtachd

  Tha muinntir na Gàidhealtachd air diofar seòrsa de bhuidhe a thaghadh airson na Gàidhealtachd san

Ed Milliband Inflicts crushing Defeat on Ed Milliband

Ed Milliband is celebrating after inflicting a crushing defeat on himself. “We really showed those pricks”

SNP Agree 3 Week Moratorium on Sacking Carlisle

In an effort to reach out to the wider U.K  the S.N.P  has declared its intention

Ed Balls Promises even sexier Name

Ed Balls has made a last minute plea to sexually frustrated undecided voters: “I will change