Litir mhì-fhreagarrach do Luchd-Ionnsachaidh: Inappropriate letter to Gaelic Learners

29mh An Ceitean, Bliadhna nan caora Feasgar math, Luchd Ionnsachaidh! Halo! An t-seachdain seo chaidh bha

Lib Dem leadership to highlight “much worse things” Carmichael has done.

The Liberal Democrats have decided to back beleaguered MP Alistair Carmichael by highlighting much worse things

Isle of Skye declares Independence

The Isle of Skye has declared itself the world’s newest state after a secret referendum in

Dogs are ‘no longer man’s best friend’ as war escalates

Tensions are at saturation point as the latest peace-deal was shattered yesterday when a man pooed

‘Tha na Bananas làidir a Mhairi’ claims leading TV exec

  According to a recent interview with a high ranking television executive, “the bananas are làidir

Smart Alec Hugely Unpopular

Alec Warren of Bonar Bridge has unveiled years of abuse in a heartfelt letter to the

Dreuchdan bàna aig Sgoil Ghàidhlig Glaschu

Tha Sgoil Ghàidhlig Glaschu a-nis a’ sireadh triuir thidsearan, dithis neach-taice agus Minotaur. “Tha sinn coma mu

Highland Midges Seizing the Day

  Hipster Midges are urging others to “seize the day” before almost immediately perishing themselves. “We

Highland Scientists: “Drinking alone better than not drinking at all”

Researchers at the North Highland Institute for Legitimate Science are now recommending drinking alone as a

An t-Eilean Dubh gu bhith na Eilean Ceart

Tha an t-Eilean dubh gu bhith na Eilean Ceart airson na ciad uair mar phàirt de