Drumnadrochit enters deep recession as fake Nessie unearthed.

The picturesque loch side town of  Drumnadrochit has today been plunged into deep economic strife after a

Scottish Tory manifesto to be launched, then launched into space.

The Scottish Tory election manifesto is due to be launched today in a press conference. Policies

Fear a ghoid buntàta: “Bha còir agam rudeigin eile a ghoid.”

Fear a ghoid Buntàta: Bha còir agam rudeigin eile a ghoid. Tha fear òg Gàidhealach a

Fort William to be renamed “64 Miles to Inverness”.

Following a tight contest in a local referendum, Fort William,  the Highland’s second largest town is

Escaped raccoon has gone completely radge

Members of the public have been warned not to approach the Highland escaped raccoon because he

Cameron: “Sand much better than Steel anyway”

In preparation for the impending collapse of the British steel industry the government has announced that

Police Scotland searching for driver who didn’t wave

Police Scotland have launched a manhunt across the Highlands and Islands after “some bastard” forgot to

Idiot Tourist asks about 3G

An idiot tourist has caused disbelief after asking a pub owner about 3G mobile internet in

BT called round on Monday but everyone in Highlands was out

B.T have responded to allegations of gross negligence, leaving cables around for everyone to trip over and

Sgoilearan Gàidhlig Dhùn Èideann a bhith air am fuadachadh

Thàinig e am follais an t-seachdain seo gun tèid àiteachan ann an Àrd-sgoil Sheumais Ghilleasbuig a