Highland Man accidently attends entire Edinburgh Fringe

A Highland Man in being treated in hospital after accidentally attending every show at the Edinburgh

High Winds bring Shit Craic from South

Last night’s high winds have carried North a large front of shit craic from the South

Peanut Butter wins “Worst Lubricant” at Black Isle Show

The Black Isle show – otherwise known as Glastonbeauly – attracted an estimated 4,623,772 spectators this

Crofting Commission to shake off “Bad Boy” Image

The crofting commission has announced new plans to take the organisation in a less edgy and

Airgead Croitearachd airson Cocaine agus Chailleagan

  Tha Murchadh MacAlasdair à Bòrnais a’ gabhail dragh nach tèid maoineachadh gu lèor a thoirt

Cameron Honours List includes Man who gave him free Latte

Former Prime Minister and flat foreheaded poverty enthusiast David Cameron has become embroiled in a controversy

New PM presents defiant Sturgeon with her Cereal

The first meeting between the heads of the U.K and Scottish governments has gotten off to

Michael Gove appointed Minister for St. Kildan affairs

Theresa May has offered an olive branch to Michael Gove by appointing him to a new

Larry the 10 Downing Street Cat to be swiftly deported

With Theresa may due to take up residence in 10 Downing street, senior civil servants have

#2 Litir mhì-fhreagarrach do luchd-ionnsachaidh

Neach-ionnsachaidh chòir, Is mi a tha duilich nach do sgrìobh mi thugad ann an deagh ghreis