“Let’s build lots of Nuclear Power Stations in the Highlands, just not this part of the Highlands” says Councillor.

Highland Councillors have decided that Hydro schemes in Glen Etive are old hat, as the collective

Write your own Peat & Diesel song

Stornowegian Rock and Rollers Peat & Diesel have taken the West Coast World by storm with

Scotland’s Most Beautiful Country status revoked for not being a real country

The World Science Channel who recently announced Scotland as the Most Beautiful Country in the World

Local man posted “So that was Scotland’s summer” status on Thursday, chuffed af the day.

Dylan Campbell (29) of Inveraray was celebrating the disgustingly cold downpours over the West Coast today

Cumberland Sausage, Tartan Wallopers; and we aren’t really sure where to start tbh.

With the Culloden Battlefield housing development going all cannons blazing like the Hanoverian artillery, developers Kirk

Argyll Man gutted he has to stop eating Beaver

Allan MacQueen of Knapdale has had his dinner plans scunnered by news that the Beaver is

Old idiot in car and his shrivelled sycophant seem to think that they are original by slagging Invergordon.

With an increasingly irrelevant web-cam career to maintain, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond have stirred controversy

Buachaille Etive Mòr flumes get go ahead despite killjoy bonglie climbers

With a controversial Hydro scheme in Glen Etive pushed through by Highland Councillors , seemingly only

Colaisde a’ Chaisteil a’ freagairt ri Eilean a’ Ghaoil SMO le Sanas ‘Swingers Island’

Tha Colaisde a’ Chaistel OGE air freagairt ri sanas-reice a rinn an co-obraichean aig Sabhal Mòr

Highland Council to save £27m by abandoning Alness to sea; selling Loch Ness to Edward Mountain

With the Highland Council facing mega budget cuts yet again, the Local Authority have decided to