Mad Lachie weighing up pros and cons of big bag of Ket for Beò Festival

Local header, Lachie “Mad” MacMillan, is deep into planning his summer Festival benders for Summer 2019.

Hebrides Tunnel network “got to have Drive-thru Mariners Cafes” demands hungry Uibhisteach

Angus Brendan MacNeil’s proposal for a subsea tunnel network connecting various parts of the Hebrides has

Sheep pooping out smaller sheep again

Sheep are once again pooping out smaller sheep in an unexplained phenomenon known as “lambing.” Crofters

Archie the Intern removed from Tiree Embassy by force, faces extradition to Comhairle nan Eilean

The Highland satirical journalism world was in shock last night after the forced removal of the

Moray Council to go “full Gaelic.”

Moray Council has been officially renamed “Comhairle Mhoireibh” and a series of drastic reforms enacted to

Complete morons manage to not think Daily Gael article is real for once

April Fool. Of course they didn’t. Many, many people are very, very stupid and will continue

Unions remind staff of Social Media conduct policy about ASN cuts

Teaching and other Trade Unions have reminded staff working for the Highland Council about the organisation’s

School children strike over fall in Gaelic exam presentations

With the numbers studying Gaidhlig at certificate level plummeting as fast as sea levels are rising,

“Let’s build lots of Nuclear Power Stations in the Highlands, just not this part of the Highlands” says Councillor.

Highland Councillors have decided that Hydro schemes in Glen Etive are old hat, as the collective

Write your own Peat & Diesel song

Stornowegian Rock and Rollers Peat & Diesel have taken the West Coast World by storm with