Oban Live to move to Ganavan Shinty Pitch in 2020

Despite rumours that Skerryvore’s accordion and Homes of Donegal on loop extravaganza Oban Live will be put off in 2020 due to Argyll & Bute Council allowing Mossfield Park to become like the ice-rink in Sarajevo circa 1995, the Tiree Supertroupers have instead said they’ll move the festival to the true home of shinty in Oban, Ganavan.

The uneven piece of coastal grassland, surrounded by barbed wire & bracken and covered in rabbit crap has long been the home of the shinty team of vaguely sentient Rhesus Macaques that is Oban Celtic, notoriously rough even by the standards of the Marseille of Argyll.

Mandy Suffolk from Skerryvore Fan Zone said, “We know that Ganavan is even less suitable than Mossfield, but at least there will be a bit of craic for a scaled down Oban Live. I think the line-up will be an acoustic Skerryvore set and Fergie in the Bar tent, followed by us all in the back of some guy from Lewis’ van listening to Norman MacLean CDs at 4 in the morning drinking amaretto”