‘Not Gaelic’ Book Receives Rave Reviews


A new book written by the famous Gaelic scholar Padraig Mhic Phadraig Nic Bhobby Mhic Mac-sohn-son, has received widespread acclaim for its superb use of English.

‘The sentences all make complete sense’ said one reviewer, before trying to etch a picture of the author into his palm.

Another Gaelic scholar, Iain MacJohnson, said ‘it shows that Gaelic scholars need to take note of this language because its grammatical and sematic structures seem to be much easier to follow than our own decrepit, almost-impossible-to-learn-properly language.

The Daily Gael interviewed some Gaelic students who had apparently tried to read the book and the consensus was vaguely understood to be unanimous with one student saying, ‘s ann a tha am book a tha mise ‘s e tha.’ Another commented, ‘tha e actually really nas better na Gàidhlig.’ The students’ tutor, Billy SofarsoGoodson, said that the book showed that ‘there is a lot of obair ri dhèanamh air an thaobh this.’

However, although the book has attracted many positive comments there have also been some challenges to the work. Some academics claim that writing a book in English defeats the purpose of being a Gaelic scholar. Padraig Mhic Phadraig etc. fought back against these reactions saying, ‘English is clearly much better than Gaelic. For a start, you don’t need to bother trying to pronounce words like tlachdmhor, and black-pudding.

The opposing academics have, according to recent reports, made friends again after an afternoon of drinking cider and speaking mostly English in the pub.