“No **** leaves till I find out what **** did it.” Begbie reacts to the Park Bar Bouncers

News that Glasgow institution the Park Bar will have to have Bouncers in place on weekends after recent events has caused a fair stir, even provoking a reaction from the antagonist of Trainspotting, Francis ‘Franco” Begbie

The Daily Gael met up with Mr Begbie on the fictitious Scottish literary characters retreat funded by Creative Scotland #ALBACHRUTHACHAIL at the weeked, so on hearing the news we dropped him a few texts. Please be warned, the following replies have Mr Begbie’s trademark strong language.

“Sum fuckin radge has goan and fucked it fer every cunt. I used tae heid over tae the Park tae get awa fae Weedjies because choochters wul buy ye a dram and then have a fair scrap but even a radge cunt like masel every cunt kens that its in fuckin oneills that ye dae yer fuckin business. Whose been fuckin pissin aff the staff?”

When questioned over the fact the Tiree Consulate would not have made this decision lightly, “Ahm nae fuckin gain tae heid doon tae be accosted by sum rocksteady gurilla, ahd be better aff heidin tae the Park Bar in Govan if aht wusnae full o Weedjies and ah didnae fuckin love Trail West.”

Asked if he had a message for those who have sullied a place of teuchter celebration with their bad behaviour, Begbie had strong words. “Yer no a fuckin rascal ya prick, yev just goan and spoilt a fuckin guid thing fer every other cunt. Mind u, itll be easier to get a drink place is more packed than Rent’s arse wi suppositries in thon first Trainspotting. ”

When asked if he was attending the Mòd, “Franco” said “Fuck that. Ah lived in Leith in the 80s no fuckin Beirut. Even a hard cunt like masel cant dae Dunoon.”