Musicians telling people watching on-line gigs “just donate if you fancy buying us a pint” actually spending all the money on pints

Gilleasbuig MacUisdean and Màiri NicEalair of the cèilidh combo ‘Cruachan’ have been entertaining people every Friday and Saturday through lockdown with their ‘Cruachan’ Facebook Lives and Zoom specials concerts,

The ‘Cruachans’ have done a great shift augmenting their income with the cheeky yet easily understood request, if you like the gig just donate if you fancy buying a pint”.

Gilleasbuig said “Well, it seemed like quite a cute way to get people to pay us for the gigs before we started, keep a roof over our head and I was really planning to use the money for rent but then I was like, why not just get a rake of pints of in instead?”

Màiri said ” I’m the fiddle player in the relationship so I’m the one with the financial head and I was like, yeah, I’ve found pint size cans of tennents on the Tesco website for click and collect. We’d be fleeking mad not to just actually buy pints with this paypal cash.”

Gilleasbuig finished “We have different tiers. Doante for four pints and get a free Cruachan t-shirt. Donate the price of ten pints and I won’t post some cod-philosophical Trad musician bullshit about lockdown for two weeks.”