Marvel’s Infinity War – What can we expect?


It’s the big cross-over blockbuster event which everyone has been dying to see brought to a conclusion – Marvel’s Infinity War looks set to kill off all the opposition, in fact everybody, at the box office. The trilogy started with World War I and World War II will be brought to a close as all the major characters from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe are brought together. So what does then final trailer, release today tell us?

1. We know it starts off in Syria

We last saw the resource rich kingdom in “Civil War” when villains ISIS were killed off by Winter Soldier, Vladimir Putin.  The ex-Soviet assassin has become a big player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and sparks are set to fly between him and the Avenger’s Chairman America yet again.

2. The Avengers face their biggest challenges yet.

Both struggling  with their own franchises at the moment, Billionaire Stable Genius Chairman America and Iron Lady II will team up, as they face off against the Winter Soldier.  The trailer starts off at the Trump Avenger Tower. The opening shots look like Chairman America is fighting against Federal Investigator and his goons as they invade his Manhattan Skyscraper. Also Iron Lady II seems to be struggling with her new emotion chip installed by Doctor Strange, Liam Fox.  Her sidekick Starlord Boris Johnson has some funny lines in particular when he trades Latin jibes with Ms. Merkel, played by Bree Olsen.


3. What side will Turkey-Man be on? And where is Kim?

Mild mannered jailer of reporters Ahmet “Turkey-Man” Erdogan appeared in his own eponymous film last year, and he has already confirmed that at least four more sequels will be made whether fans want it or not.  The enigmatic Turkey-Man will keep fans guessing as to which side he might be on. However, in a surprise twist it seems that it won’t be Rocket Kim Jong-Racoon who’ll be the instigator of the whole plot. Fan theories have postulated for a long time that Kim would have a big role to play in the action but he seems strangely absent for the trailer.


4. The special effects will blow everyone away!

Director Joe Russo said “We know that audiences have grown tired of CGI effects so we guarantee that they’ll be blown away by the practical effects we have in store for them!”  However,  a Lego set released for the film may have given some spoilers that the war won’t be too “infinite”. The set “Western European Nuclear Wasteland” shows that the movie’s tagline “In this one, everyone dies” may be accurate.

5. Have Marvel finally solved their villain problem?

MCU head honcho Kevin Feige “We know that Marvel movies have had a reputation for never having interesting bad guys, so we’ve gone the whole hog and made everyone a baddie.”