Man absolutely chuffed with Cap.

Archie MacDougall of Kilchoan is just absolutely over the moon with his cap.

“I mean look at it…it’s fantastic, it does everything. This cap makes me feel 59 again” says Archie 62.

“It fits like a glove…obviously a glove without fingers for your head”.

“I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in brilliant hats”.

The back of Archie’s cap is proudly emblazoned with the word Ardnamurchan and a picture of a winking otter.

“Rain – it’s got you sorted. Sun – it’s got you sorted, hiding your face from members of the community council because you crashed a tractor into the village fete again – sorted” gleamed Archie.

His new look has brought him local fame with the Kilchoan Chronicle describing him as both “fit and functional” in it’s Summer style special.