Locals on Toy Coast 500 complaining about Barbie Dream Campers

Single track road carpets all across Toyland have been inundated by an influx of Barbie Dream Campers according to locals.

“Infrastructure just isn’t built for it. We’ve had years of underinvestment from Christmas and Birthday budgets and so all we have are some Hot Wheels tracks and a busted old Scalextrics” said Davie the Teddy Bear.

“They haven’t thought about the impact of these gargantuan machines, packed with Instagram worshipping models taking selfies at the Lego Beach.” Said Clive, a furby who relocated up North after the furby crash of the mid noughties but now runs a Toy Piano Tuners from a small Playmobil croft.

“Got nothing against them, they bring a bit of chocolate coin in to the place and they’re fairly easy on the eye.” Said Hector, a hand me down Action Man. “Only problem is they usually have some lad called Ken in tow with them so you can’t play “house” with ‘em.”