Local Gamekeeper angry about things again

Local Ghillie Derek Macdonald has been posting some stuff about how sick and tired he is about stuff in general.

Despite a sweet job where they get to be outside all day, burn shit, shoot off guns, and cut around on quads and argocats, the Highland gamey always seem to be in a foul mood, and Derek has been no slouch in that regard recently.

And despite being allowed to continue to dock his working dogs’ tails by the Scottish Parliament, Derek has been fairly exercised of late by the Coronavirus, the Black Lives Matter protests and the old perennial Chris Packham.

“World’s gone mad. Not right how people are carrying on in these riots. And that COVID, funny how it can hide in your hair but not in a McDonald’s takeaway.” He stated in the comments of a low-res meme that wasn’t quite All Lives Matter but was edging it. “We’re not different, nobody alive owned a slave, just the great grandfather of the guy that owns the estate I work for.”

On closer inspection most the posts are full of Americanisms such as cops, liberals, and a random meme of 70s movie stars Telly Savalas and Clint Eastwood juxtaposed with his fellow environmentalist Greta Thunberg.

Derek’s pal Allan said “Mate, would you not just vote for independence rather than that clown Boris?”

“Don’t trust anyone of them bud. I work for cunts like that remember.” he finished his comments as he headed off to feed the dogs.