Local Chinese Takeaway staff showing Teuchters how to really celebrate a New Year

Conon Bridge’s Malcolm Mackenzie had an epiphany last night. Knocking off early on a Friday he headed past his local Chinese Takeaway to pick up his usual Lemon Chicken and a fried rice to find that it was shut.

Malcolm told the Daily Gael that he realised that it made him question his own commitment to the sesh, “It wasn’t just shut mun though, they had a sign up saying they’d been closed since the 2nd of February and wouldn’t be open again until the 19th. Here mun, these Chinese lads must know how to party.”

“We just can’t compete with a work ethic like that. Gaz at work was boasting the other day that he kept going form Hogmanay until the third of January, and he’s definitely the most hardcore in the works yard.”

“No wonder they are taking over the World, undercutting our hard earned Scottish sesh-head reputation. The sesh deficit with China is something the Government needs to look at.”

“I had to drive in to the Dingwall Tesco and buy one of those Chinese Meals for Two just to get my MSG fix.”