Lewis & Harris League Decider to be played on Sunday 6th October

The long awaited Lewis and Harris Football League playoff between Point and Westside is to be played at Creagan Dubh, Lochs on Sunday 6th October.

Despite this being the traditional Sabbath in the #godfearing Western Isles, the local FA said they had good reasons for holding the game then

“Look most of the lads would be spending their Sundays in the Rangers Club boozing watching the Mighty Gers up against some shiters like Hamilton or St Mirren and not in church anyway, so we thought it would be better and healthier just to get the game played then.”

“It’ll be a 3pm kickoff anyway, so folks can do the Morning or Midday service then cut back for the Evening show as well at which ever denomination is their main choice.”

Whilst there was a predictable outcry from the Presbyteries of the various Churches on the Island, quoting scripture, (although Back Free Church did say that they hoped the Rubhachs would be smote by the Siarachs no matter what day it was played on) there was also the usual handwringing blogs from arty-crafty types about how they enjoyed the peace of a Sunday and through using some poorly constructed metaphor involving Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t think that football fitted in with their hygge lifestyle of surfing and smugness.