Island Man wears Pink.

A new fashion trend has been blazed in the Uists after Allan MacIsaac, 34 of South Boisdale wore a pink Lacroste T shirt to the Borrodale Inn.

“I nearly died when he swaggered in looking like some sort of pissed flamingo” said one regular, Margaret, 104.

“I almost dropped my whisky. But I didn’t because I love drinking.”

The alarm was initially raised after Allan’s mother found an novelty red Trump style “MAKE LOCHBOISDALE GREAT AGAIN”  cap in the white linen.

There are two accepted dress codes  in the isles for men in their thirties; the classic Superdry Jacket, checked shirt and boots that  is worn as both day and night wear  and a much more risqué outfit known as the “jumper and Joop”.

The communities reaction has been mixed at best:

“Pink is for Salmon!” shrieked Donald.

“I am colour blind but I still hate him” said Donalda.

“I am just glad nobody has noticed I have been wearing a hammock every Sunday” said the local Parish Priest”.