Is Jo Swinson the saviour of the United Kingdom?

Short Answer; No.

Long Answer; No with a but.

Ruth Davidson answer; No, (Stamping feet and grimacing), that’s still me, no seriously, I’m still relevant, hey pay attention to me, look I made a cake, no second referendum! (Glowers at the picture of Sturgeon on her dartboard).

Any left wing LibDemmer left in the party; No, fuck me, she wanted to build a statue to Maggie Thatcher for fuck sake!

The Free Church Answer; No, only Lord Jesus is and can be our personal saviour, but when it comes to the UK, we’re done with that particular worldly kingdom, it’s all about Kate Forbes for us now.

Twitter “pundit”; No, because ironically, having voted to implement the Bedroom Tax, she is an MP in the UK’s spare bedroom country called Scotland.

Boris Johnson answer; I’d like to congratulate this lady porridge wog on her success of beating a Mrx Potato Head for top Labial Demogogue, what what, what was the question? Oh yes, no.

Big Donald down the pub; Who?