HS6 in Postcode Lottery £3m win – Minus £1m for Non-mainland Delivery Charge on Novelty Cheque

There were celebrations by those lucky individuals in North Uist and Berneray with an HS6 5 postcode who have subscribed loyally to the Postcode Lottery were delighted at the news that they will divvy up the best part of £3 Million quid between them.

However, there is a sting in the tale. Just like ordering a ball bearing for a VW alloy or a pair of underpants for Alasdair Allan, there is a hidden non-mainland delivery charge  of 1 million pounds for the Novelty Giant Cheque which will be presented at Carnish Hall by some X-Factor lad.

The Gael contacted the Postcode Lottery for comment about this Postcode Penalty and a spokesperson said “Really any IV or HS postcode is subject to this. Sorry mate, it’s just the rules and clear in the T&Cs. Costs us a lot to put some workies like Danyl Johnson up your way. Did race round the North Coast 500 couple of summers ago. Lovely place.”

One North Uist man we spoke to intends to spend it all on vintage orange Rangers strips from the NTL Home Digital Days and a new quad.