Highland Scientists: “Drinking alone better than not drinking at all”

scientists-in-labResearchers at the North Highland Institute for Legitimate Science are now recommending drinking alone as a safer alternative to not drinking at all.

“We have had a vibrant scientific debate at the institute. I myself volunteered to spend my early 40’s drinking alone every night and let me tell you it was a revelation. By contrast, immediately after the first experiment I undertook a study in not drinking at all and I can confirm here today that it was a giant sack of balls”.

Some have disputed the researchers methodology after it emerged that much of the research was undertaken in a non sterile environment in a pub in Dingwall and that the word Science had been misspelt over 630 times in their report.

“Myself and my colleagues have been thorough in our investigation.” said a visibly tipsy spokesperson for the group.

“There was not a single activity undertaken that wasn’t significantly enhanced by being embarrassingly pissed. Drinking with friends was obviously better, though drinking alone and then proceeding to drunk dial former partners and your boss also produced fantastic results.”

“Yes, I have absolute faith that our report “The Sciense of Drinc” will broaden our understanding of how being pissed makes us awesome”.