Hebridean man definitely not voting for Joe Biden

Hebridean fisherman Garry Macintosh would like to make it clear there’s absolute no way he’ll be voting for Joe Biden in the upcoming US Presidential Election.

Garry was interviewed over the ship to shore radio as he shot a fleet, “Trump’s an arsehole but he hasn’t started any wars has he? Joe is a creepy old bastard, it might be okay for me in the local tavern when Donnie Fence’s daughter is on the bar, but it’s not acceptable for a president. He’s a hawk, and he’ll just pardon Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein, and Barack Obama, and Carol Baskins.”

“Dementia Joe is cancelled, and if he even thinks of getting Kamala Harris as his running mate, I’m done. I hate Hearachs, had some good scraps with them back in the early 90s and always came out on top. Draft Bernie in now, the DNC stole the convention!”

On pointing out to Garry that he hadn’t actually voted in elections in his own country since 1992, he veered wildly from the topic “This COVID, which doesn’t exist by the way, is just a way to impose sharia law, and for Ian Blackford to appear on TV too often. All these politicians are the same, don’t trust any of them. I’m picking up some 3G, have to go and post more shite on Facebook.”