Office temp left on duty at Daily Gael offices in Mòd week struggling to produce copy

Hallo a chàirdean.

This job is harder than it looks. I tell you that. You write one satirical article about Matt Baker then that clickbait article about Sian (I got Eilidh if you’re wondering) and you reckon that you can take on the Mòd shift for the Daily Gael. Taigh na Galla, tha e ruf.

I thought this would be a pretty gig as the gig economy goes, until I turned out it was like one of those charity gigs. I can’t believe I quit the Conservatoire for this. FML.

All the big boys (and that one girl who looks a bit like a guy, but not saying that in any kind of transphobic way, she has really nice eyes and is very funny) are ripping it up on the Clyde Riviera and I’m stuck in the industrial estate unit with only a storage heater and some out of date Tennents to keep me going. And the 3G is down.

I can’t even work my way up to doing some basic bitch meme shit.  I’ll put the word Cailleach and deoch into a random popular meme. Look that’ll do.  Come back next week sometime.