Gary Innes releasing new single called “The Caman Woman”

Gary Innes, the Usain Bolt of the shinty world is back with an imminent new album called “Imminent” and in this ever changing PC world, he’s decided to even up the score of his Worldwide Hit “The Caman Man” by celebrating the fast growing women’s shinty scene with the sequel song. “The Caman Woman”.

Gary is keeping most of the song under wraps, but he did exclusively reveal to the Daily Gael a verse and chorus, sung of course by original “Caman Man” singer, Robert Robertson. “I was going to call it “The Caman Girl” but felt that Robert’s unique pronunciation of that word would distract from what I think is my best song yet.”

“From the dawn of time, in mist covered glens
Ladies now gather, despite disapproving old men,
Who stand on the line, never thought they’d see the day,
Their daughters and wives, shinty would play
For seventy short minutes, you contest and collide
And once it’s all over, after playing eight a-side.
An offer of hand, though you just tried to hit her.
A nod of respect for your wood swinging sister.

They’re the chicks who swing sticks
The ladies of these lands
No place for fear, or to commandeer
The heart of the caman woman.”

Gary is looking to be even more tolerant with future releases; “I’m looking to fill out the Trilogy on the next album with “The Caman Trans”.” Gary said.