“Gaelic was never spoken here, we’re more Norse” say Western Isles Council

Corlynanaylansheer also known as Western Isles Council have responded to controversy about their anti Gaelic school stance by stating that to do so would be offensive to the Norse/Pictish culture of the islands.

Vilhelm Donaldsson of the Council said “We are Vikings up here. You can see it in the placenames and even in our badge of a Viking Longship.”

“Gaelic totally alien to us and parents have told is they do not want their youngerlings travelling over half an hour to school, unless of course it’s to secondary school when they need at least an hour on a bus.”

“We’re not against Gaelic, but it should be promoted in areas where it was spoken like Skye and Kilmarnock, not in the Outer Hebrides.”

“VALHALLLAAA!!!” He screamed before plunging an axe through his computer screen after reading another incredulous Misneachd post.