Gaelic GIF shortage rolls into second month; Gàidhlig insta influencers starting to crack

With the continued disappearance of the Graficanna Gifs from Instagram, Gaelic Social Media Influencers are getting tetchy and are organising online to have them restored.

The well designed and attractive gifs created by Gaelic t-shirt goddess Anna Graficanna have been a big hit on Insta stories ever since they launched a couple of years ago.

However, in recent months they have vanished from the gif section on the popular social media app, and Gaelic influencers, now unable to use the Calmac status gifs, or that cool Alba cridhe one.

“We thought it might be initially a problem with the Ever Given bàta being stuck in the Suez Canal, ach chan eil idir, the gifs don’t seem to be making their way into the giphy store anymore. Tha mi bereft.” said Màiri who runs the popular edible bodypainting account @bodhagbhlastadhathach.

“It’s just not Woohaoine without the Woohaoine gif anymore, it’s just me, a pot noodle, a pint of Gin and crying in the dark after MacIlleMhicheil finishes.” said Hugh from Gaelic learning account @ThaGaidhligReallySgoinneil

“I just want this entirely free service provided by a small Gaelic company to resume as soon as possible yesterday. I need my bogha-frois or my fliuch when ever I take the boys out for a cuairt! I’ll have to think of more entertaining stuff for my stories otherwise. What is John Swinney doing about this? Ican’ tbe expected to survive on the “‘S ann à Leòdhas a tha mi” gif for ever” demanded Geraint who runs an account about his Guinea Pigs.

“Chan eil duine sam bith cinnteach mar a chanas tu gif sa Bheurla no Gàidhlig” said the Barailean Connspaideach page.