Gaelic band to release video without drone shot

There was shock and despair when a new and exciting band from the Highlands declined to release a video for their new single this week.

The Cocks of the North, who have played such exotic venues as Farr Hall and the Isle of Seil festival, as well as  Tuesday night slot at the Park Bar every three months, have a new album out.

Their new release “All That Way To Pick Up A Chicken” features the song “Peninsular Princess” with Donnie MacSomerled on vocals. It is a rousing wee tune with a penny whistle break halfway through. Rolling Stone called it “Like Avicii mated with the Vatersay Boys”, and Am Paipear said “Playing Talla Iochdair next Tuesday, Bring Your Own Bottle – raffle in aid of Iochdar Saints FC.”

Band leader, Calum Campbell said “We were approached by various Gaelic media types who said for a bit of cash they could give us a mint video, and we had a band meeting. They were all nice enough lads but we decided that we’re not the prettiest bunch,, and no amount of looking moody, dutch angles or cool drone shots will make us look good.”

“Anyway we don’t have any mates who have been extras in Bannan who can run along a beach, or up or down any other random location, so we kind of turned the whole project down. We’ll just tick along nicely selling CDs out of a box whenever we play a gig in a pub.”

“We also have a myspace page.” Calum said in closing.