Local fudrocket using Peaky Blinders memes to justify his being a fudrocket again

The release of the fifth season of hit BBC period crime drama starring angel eyes Cillian Murphy as sociopathic gangleader and now-MP Tommy Shelby has seen local fudrocket Kevin “Kev” MacAndrews posting a steady stream of memes with random statements that try to justify his general fudrocketry.

Despite none of the actual quotes being made by Murphy’s character, the Daily Gael caught up with Kevin in the local pool hall on Wesneday night as he cracked into his fourth Stella, “Tommy Shelby is a fucking legend. He tells it like it is and stabs and shoots anyone who gets in his way. Like thon Heisenberg mun, he’s a legend. I don’t give a shit, I know I’m a full on knobjockey, but I’ll win the fucking Grand National.”

The Daily Gael did raise some of Kevin’s past misdemeanours which have strangely not seen him banned from his local bar, and we couldn’t argue with this logic, ” You mean like that time I glassed Sheree the barmaid because she gave me just Vodka Lemonade and not Vodka Lemonade and Lime? Ohdah of tha Peaky Blindahs mate!” said Kevin in the weirdest sounding accent since Brian Gleeson’s Weegie accent.

The show, which has traced the rise of the Shelby family in post First World War Birmingham is required viewing in Kev’s house, with his partner, Mhairi also a fan of the show. “Me and the bird, she shares the memes too. She needs to let the other girls who work in the office know they have to keep in line. We love the show, not usually into that history stuff, but it’s fucking class.” said Kev

Kevin then left us to continue to throw homophobic insults at his mate Brian as they played some more pool, then proceeded to get a fifth and sixth Stella before driving home in his works van, presumably to continue to build his empire of not finishing the straightforward joinery work at at least seven local homes.

And in real-life, the BBC very unsubtly try and make Oswald Mosley out to be a Remainer….