FilmG celebrates record number of “vote for me” spam posts.

The Gaelic short film competition Film G has marked its tenth year with its highest number of spam posts from wannabe media types and GME school brats yet. The competition has prizes available for both categories, but average Hebridean social media users are complaining about voter fatigue already.

“Half an hour from them going on line and I’d already had vote for me requests from my cousin at Sabhal Mor Ostaig, a bird I pulled in O’ Neills about five years ago and a couple of weird Gaelic learner guys who I got stuck with on the train to Oban once. That’s not forgetting my niece and her Gaelic-medium class with their bloody rip-off of Fast and Furious involving shopping trollies.”  said Cailean MacCallum of Benderloch wearily.

The constant torrent of roughly cut, student films  in newsfeeds has made for some strange bedfellows as hirsute Glasgow Gael, Matthew Graham told the Gael. “I’m a real socialist, so much so I still contribute to Common Weal crowdfunders, but even I’m delighted that tax-dodging Mark Zuckerburg introduced that Snooze button on Facebook. Wake me up when this hell is over and I can get back to nihilistic memes about Brexit and inspirational Tim Minchin talks.”

“Gaelic shorts? More like Gaelic sharts!” was the more succint reply from Mindy MacRae of Arisaig.

However, MG Alba confirmed that they were delighted with the high quality of spam posting this year, but reassured Facebook users concerned at the prevalence of FilmG in their newsfeed. A spokeswoman said “MG are delighted that young Gaels are being really inventive with guilting friends and family into voting for them this year, but these people can also be reassured, that there is very little to no chance of these people actually getting airtime on our channel. We only show quality short stuff like Fraochy Bay, and those Pathe clips.”

Film G has an annual theme, this year’s one being Firinn/Truth, in which filmmakers have to make a film involving dressing up as old women connected to that word.