Early Briton had dark Skin, dark Hair, blue Passport

Britain’s racists and loons have been left bewildered by the news that early Britons had dark skin and probably wanted to steal their jobs or something.

However disappointment was tempered somewhat by the news that a shiny blue passport was found in the “Cheddar man’s” back pocket.

The Cheddar man who was unearthed by the liberal elite (Archaeologists) has yielded untold scientific insights into early man in the British Isles and caused several white supremacists to choke on their sad, lonely breakfasts of dry Wheatabix this morning.

“I heard he was a gay muslim” claimed out of work layabout Nigel Farage.

“However he was taking back control before borders existed, very old school UKIP”.

Britain First have been quick to release a confused and barely legible statement:

“He wosint a moose lamb an he wosint in the fattist E Yoo. Wan of us”.