Dingwall welcomes flood, gudges have first bath in 12 years.

As the Ross-shire Metropolitan area was lashed with thunderstorms, Dingwall gudges like Jimmy Mackenzie have whipped out their closely-guarded family bars of soap and taken full advantage of the flash flood which has left the road to the Strath under water.

“Aye mun, it’s a hoora good time. Some people would say that it’s a shame for all the nice people getting flooded out, but it’s perfect for me and the family to take advantage of the free water and have our first wash since the last time it flooded in 2007.”

Jimmy’s bar of soap had been bought in the Scotmid in Beauly in 1994 by his father.

Jimmy told the Gael “Praise be to Roy MacGregor, Stevie Ferg and the Holy Staggie for Highland Council leaving the drains all bunged up again. “