Complete teuchter jakeball already playing Ewen Henderson Sings Gaelic to death at 4am at parties

Martin MacIver, 28, originally from Breasclete but living in Glasgow, is delighted at the early Christmas present of Ewen Henderson’s new album of Gaelic standards, “Sings Gaelic”. Despite only ordering the CD online this morning, he has somehow managed to play the CD to death at several dozen afterparties already.

Martin told the Gael “Nothing better cove than coming home after the pubs close, several servings of takeaway, sky sports news on, bottles of budweiser half drunk and strewn around the place, as we roll ciggies on our leather couch, wee Cally Biscuits passed out in the corner, Dylan talking shite to some lassie called Kelly-Marie who works in Tescos and then me putting on Sings Gaelics. I only know the choruses but it’s a belter.”

“It doesn’t matter what’s going on at the party; a fight, a sing along to Wagon Wheel, general good craic revolving around the one decent party we had four years ago, the beginnings of an orgy, I just stick on the two tracks I’ve actually listened to on repeat until 7am as we shout in-jokes at each other.”

“My Vatersay Boys CD finally gave out this year so I needed a new set of tunes to play to absolute death.”