Coming to Netflix in April: Dòtaman, Prosbaig, Untitled Boyd Robertson Chatshow

US streaming giant Netflix has announced its new slate of programming for April. Along with the usual Marvel TV shows, RuPaul’s Drag Race and movies, there are plenty of treats for the Gaelic viewer (who doesn’t have coming up.

All 15 years of Dòtaman, a kind of singing Doctor Who with magic hats who had a range of Gaelic starlets as his assistants will be available for streaming. They have been digitally restored with added special effects, including a CGI Napoleon and Nelson.

Also Prosbaig, the legendary Gaelic current affairs programme, will be available in full. Other shows coming include Na Rocaidean, and Seasons 4-11 of Dè a-Nis?

Following the success of David Letterman’s new chat show for Netflix “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”, the company, famous for hits such as Orange is the New Black and Comedians Having Coffee In Cars have ponied up the money to attract Gaelic icon Boyd Robertson for a hard hitting range of interviews with other Gaelic heavyweights, including the now obligatory [ Ubiquitous Gaelic character actor – name redacted after legal advice] appearance in a satirical article about Gaelic TV.

Gaelic shows leaving streaming this month include Torcuil’s Stand Up Special “Reheated Brochan Lom, Tana Lom” and Gruth is Uachdair 2 – The New Batch.

Netflix also said that they would be introducing Gaelic subtitles for viewers.