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RBS to close little Timmy’s Lemonade Stand

The Royal Bank of Scotland have announced plans to close 62 branches across Scotland and little

Bòrd na Gàidhlig to rebrand as Gaelic Scotland

Scottish Ministers have announced that Bòrd na Gàidhlig, the National Gaelic Development Agency, is to rebrand

Delighted Ginger to marry a Normal

Gingers up and down the country have popped open an Irn Bru, a Crabbies or whatever

Island Man wears Pink.

A new fashion trend has been blazed in the Uists after Allan MacIsaac, 34 of South

Comhairle nan Eilean a’ sireadh bheachdan air a’ phlana Ghàidhlig dheireannach aca

Tha Comhairle nan Eilean air fios a chur a-mach gu bheil iad a’ sireadh bheachdan airson

Ryanair to be renamed “Flight-W*nker”

In an effort to further expectations budget airline Ryanair have elected to rebrand lowering expectations “beyond

Catalan Referendum: “We are the good guys” insists riot gear clad lunatic with massive club.

Spanish Civil Police are heroically defending the Catalan people from having to decide whether they want

Skye Tourist tax could pay for Office Jacuzzi – Highland Council

Highland Council have backed proposals to levy an additional tourist tax on Skye on the condition

Oban Chip Shop accidentally fries visiting Coach Tour.

A chip shop in Oban has come under fire after accidentally frying a visiting Spanish coach

Uist Crofters begin chlorinating Tatties for Brexit.

Smiling crofters have been dunking tatties in concentrated chlorine across the islands in preparation for a