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Slumnadrochit Millionaire – ‘Black Hole of Loch Ness’ in Indian card scam

More than 50,000 residents of an Indian supercity may have been targeted in a credit and

Argyll Pothole becomes top Spelunking Destination

As road surfaces deteriorate across Scotland one pothole near Oban has found fame and a new

Hangovers to get 70% worse as IRN BRU change recipe.

Drinks manufacturer AG Barr are changing the recipe of IRN BRU out of spite. IRN BRU

Man spends first day back at work showing off fancy new double chin

Steven MacKay from Alness swanned into the office this morning sporting a fancy new double chin

Free Church release line of remorseful Christmas Jumpers

The Unitarian Twice Removed Free Church Continuing have released a line of fashionable yet god fearing

Croft child asking Santa for “Sheepdog that poops Tatties” again

Young Ailean MacNeil has written a heartfelt letter asking Santa for a Border Collie that poops

Snowman thinks he’s immortal now

A snowman built in Aviemore 4 days ago now thinks he will survive generations and watch

Culloden Battlefield building company obviously never watched any horror movies

With controversial plans afoot to turn Culloden Battlefield into just another Invernessian suburban hellhole, local movie

Severe Gaels sick of being blamed for Storm Damage

Uncompromising yet reserved Gaelic speakers are sick of being accused of smashing windows, cancelling ferries and

Storm Caroline upgraded to Storm Calum Alec

Intensifying winds have resulted in Storm Caroline being upgraded and hastily renamed Storm Calum Alec. “With